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Default Word a mouth is the best advertising

I have move from been a banker to a teacher to now the owner of my own Independent Tours **commercial link edited** and i must say with a family and parents to look after, this business has become my life. I wouldn't want to dear get a bad rep... So day in and out i try to make my guests comfortable, safe and have as much fun when they come to my island. I have done promotion on Facebook where real people leaves their feedback after taking a tour with us. If you google 'courtney taylor tours jamaica', you will see numerous amount of search result pops up. On cruise critics i have over 200 reviews and thousands of views... I have been kept busy year round for the last couple of years and this is my 9th year doing this.

As Independent operators we are license to a bigger tour company, hence there are days when we are called for work from the ship but this sometimes take for ever and it would be hard to serve this long with out work. Therefore what i am saying we are the same guys that take visitors whether you book through the ship or not. I for one just decided to start my own because i had the knowledge to do so.

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