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Originally Posted by snorklr45 View Post
I'm not so sure about the turkey leg because I would not feel very lady-like eating it..However, I am definitely up for some BIG CHANGES on all ships fast food offerings. They are getting old and stale IMHO.
In response to your comment - and this is not written as a negative response. I would only say that ladies are eating the turkey legs everyday at Disney's Kingdoms and if you feel uncomfortable with the turkey legs maybe you might like to try frog legs. They are smaller and easier to handle.

I can understand what you are saying concerning a big turkey leg. To me a similar situation would be eating a leaky ice cream cone on a hot day. It keeps on dripping and makes a mess if you don't eat it fast. And then it generally ends up on my clothes.

But as you say new and innovative entrees are needed. I was thinking about one I experienced at a hotel in Chicago years ago. It was at a cocktail party.
The item was just a heated slice of cheddar cheese. It was kept warm under a heat lamp and individual slices were being cut by the server just as they do with the meats. Now this does not sound like much but the taste and aroma of the cheddar were out of this world. I have never encountered this entree again, but I'm sure it would be a hit on the cruise circuit.
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