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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
My wife and I just booked a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Conquest.I was wondering when would be the best time to buy insurance? The cruise is not until 4/14/13.We did not have to put a deposit down Cruiseonly .com did that for us.Cruise only also wanted $170 for their insurance but I found some on the internet for only $75.So what does everyone think? thanks for your time and have a good day
The best time to buy insurance is within seven to fourteen days of the initial booking. If you have "pre-existing conditions" it is almost a requirement. The pre-existing conditions clause is waived if you buy the insurance within this time frame.

There are other policies that also waive pre-existing conditions if you buy it at time of final payment but the majority do not have this option.

Ask your travel agent what policies they offer and what the pre-existing conditions waiver is.

If you are healthy with no pre-existing conditions you can purchase the insurance at any time up to sailing date.

I do not recommend cruise line insurance. There are better policies for equal or less money than what the cruise lines offer.

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