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Sorry I agree. We're all familiar with the bad press about ship's staff, crew and passengers not being prepared for maritime emergencies. Passengers complain AFTER a tragedy that the crew didn't have a muster drill, it was sloppy or held late. BUT then complain or don't want to cooperate if they HAVE to go to one. Seems few take it seriously until something happens...then its' blame the Cruise line because they should have forced us to participate.

My husband works for the Railroad and they have sooooo many rules and regulations. In fact, every morning before they start work they are required to go over some of the same rules and regulations again and AGAIN. Once when one of the workers complained, noting that, "we know these rules already!!!" The 'white hat' (boss) conducting the morning class said, "For every rule, someone had to died or was badly injured. Think about that!"

In an emergency, people die because they either panic, or become dumbstruck and don't do anything, or they do the wrong thing, all of which can cost them their lives. Really, we should just do the muster drill and hope we never never have to actually do it for real.
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