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Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
This thread is an example of how confusing it is to connect on this site. The lady who posted this thread did so in Feb. and has not replied publicly at all since then, but dozens of others keep on replying to this subject or to each other instead of posting a new thread about something new, or limiting their replies to posts that aren't so old.

I just enjoy reading who wants to go where even when I'm not ready to cruise again, .... although if a great opportunity came up with an interesting person I could change my mind.

Communicate and make a friend before you go, then it will go smoother even if you're not fully compatable.
Ditto on your statement. Newbies should learn their way around the site. It only takes a glance to see when things are posted. Just look to the left. If one wishes to see when a poster was last on the site, click their user name, the info again is there when they were last on line. Newbies who don't peek at dates must wonder why they get no response. (Of course they won't get a response if an OP hasn't been on line for months or even years).

I guess I shouldn't post this as it will bump it to the top, some will read only the first ad, and answer without furthur checking.

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