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If I skipped a drill and something bad happened to me as a result (which statistically has a 1 in [infinity] chance of happening, do you think I would sue the cruise line? .
Well...perhaps you wouldn't. But it happens everyday (just watch/read the news) people want/expect others to take responsibility for THEIR poor choices when things turn out disastrously. (YOU should've forced me, made me, held my hand, ad nauseam.)

Yes, Cruise-lines are big business and they're run by cooperations. They make rules and regulations for the overall good of the Company. How could they stay in business if they tried to cater to the whims and unique individual need of every cruise passenger?

When should safety rules be flexible and who should make that judgement call? The crew? (who are busy getting people to their muster stations) The Staff?(Some who are on deck helping organize the passengers) The Captain? (Who should be on the bridge) Will they have to hire someone to walk cabin to cabin with a list of exceptions to see who qualifies and who doesn't. And of course once this starts, there will be passengers who insist that they are being discriminated against and their special needs should be on that list. And they might well sue!

Who should have go to muster and who should be the exception? I may not be 94yrs...but I have a 'headache', 'hangover', 'I'm super tired', 'my kids are really really cranky', 'I use a cane', 'wheelchair'.........If you start making 'exceptions' when does it stop? A Cruise-line can't make popular decisions for hundreds of thousands of passengers in every situation! It isn't impossible. They have to look at the 'overall' picture...and try to make the best decisions FOR everyones welfare.

Perhaps the situation could have been handled differently. But we were not there and don't know all the circumstances. I'm sure that those who were sailing on the Costa Concordia felt very confident and that nothing could/would happen. After all, they were sailing along the can see land and buildings...what can happen???
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