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ErnieMCC wrote:

> The most serious potential hazzard at sea is fire. There are
> no irons or ironing boards permitted in staterooms. Many
> vessels do have Laundry Rooms open to the public and these
> usually have ironing facilities available.
I've heard that ridiculouls argument before - how often has a fire started from an iron - anywhere? Compare that to smoking - they should ban that on board as it is more of a fire hazard. Celebrity had made the decision not to provide the space for laundry facilities or for irons. Some feel that when they are on a vacation, they don't want to do laundry and that it doesn't cost that much to have it done. I disagree and would rather be able to run a batch or two, especially on long trips. Most likely Celebrity has decided that this is another profit center for them and thus give you no choice. Conversely, Princess has laundry facilities and irons available on most of their ships. However, I don't think the fact of having or not having plays much of a role, if any, on one's decision to take a cruise. My bottom line is price and itinerary.
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