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We keep saying "Concordia this" and "Concordia that..." - but in a year will we still be referring to Corcordia as the "standard" for everything that should be done on a cruise?/QUOTE]

YES! And it's about time. USA today featured an article about how Cruise Ship Companies are getting stricter about the Muster Drill after the Costa Concordia fiasco. Hey, thats a good thing.

On April 21...there was a fire on the RCCL Allure of the Seas... Everything turned out ok...but it was still a fire..and there was some areas of the ship that were evacuated.

On April 15th the cruise ferry Stena Saga suffered an engine room explosion...there were no evacuations because the crew were able to bring the fire under control, BUT there were 1,392 passengers and a crew of 180 on board. Not a little tug boat! (stuff happens)

On March 30th aboard the Azamara Quest a fire broke out...all 716 passengers had to be called to their muster stations.

On March 19th The Silver Shadow collided with a container ship...Passengers had to head to their muster stations. And to quote one passenger, "The crew was calm, but the passengers - some were scared, or even frantic." (It's the 'deer in the headlights'...when you're frantic or in a panic...everything you learned that ONE time goes out the window. You can never be too prepared)

The above were just a few of the incidents in March, April and May of this year! It's our life...we should take responsibility for it...and not depend on someone else to carry us, drag us, or wheel us to safety. IF we need help in a desperate situation and someone is there...thank God...but to have to depend on the help of strangers and perhaps put them in a dangerous or sticky situation because we were just too lazy or too apathetic to get with the program is a shame.
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