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Once again - don't take this incident out of context.

No one is disputing the right of a cruise line to have zero tolerance and demand that people know their lifeboat instructions so they are prepared in case of an emergency. That is agreed upon.

But this women already KNEW her muster station. She was in the same cabin the previous cruise and had attended the previous drill - nothing had changed.

That is an entirely different set of circumstances.

Are we addressing the practical or the philosophical argument here, because I think they are choosing the wrong couple to use as their example.

Even if I agree that she still should be required to repeat the drill, I do not agree with the consequences for her and her husband just because she missed the repeat performance. I think it is over-reaching and I would say the same if the couple was 30 years old.

Make the punishment fit the crime. I just don't see how Seabourn can think this is the right message to send to their guests. The passengers didn't fail on Concordia - the captain did, and arguable the old 24-hour policy of the cruise industry - but not the passengers.
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