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Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
I did a transatlantic on the Grand last month, specifically choosing a Princess ship because I'd seen the "troupe" shows on HAL so many times already. I was VERY surprised to find that the main theater seats less than a quarter of the passengers; and since TA's tend to have more elderly cruisers, they all wanted to go to the early (7 pm) performance. For the big show nights, a half-hour early was not nearly enough; most seats were taken 45 minutes to even an hour in advance of the show. Everyone seemed to have either a book or e-reader with them. The lounge shows were almost as badly crowded, with the additional disadvantage that the Vista lounge has huge pillars that block the view from a goodly portion of the seats. By contrast there was never any difficulty getting a decent seat at any of the late (10:15 pm) shows.
Even on our April cruise the show lounge was usually almost filled to capacity 20 + minutes before show time (early show) & it wasn't that old of a crowd. This is the way it's been for years & we just adjust our schedule without even thinking about it. In general most people are tired by 10 PM & tend to avoid going to the late show, at least on Princess.
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