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Hi Bonny!

No offense taken from your post whatsoever. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Right after I posted about the turkey legs, I went to a local fair and saw several ladies chomping down on large turkey legs there. lol It's great for them, just not something I would like for myself.

I would just like to see some new offerings on the fastfood side. Things that actually taste AWESOME, not bland. I think some skewered grilled shrimp scampi and other skewered, grilled finger foods would be long as they were fresh and not sitting under a heat lamp all day.

Maybe some fresh crab (not the fake stuff) salad wrapped in a petite, round, crisp phyllo dough. I found Carnival never served any crab that tasted good. I had to throw all of their crab dishes in the trash..The crab tasted OLD and gross.
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