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The trip start in Rome May 4th, the second drill was in Lisbon on May 12 (8 days later). Both people went to the first and were fully drilled.

The woman told her travel agent that she did not hear the announcements on the second drill. I can believe this to be true since I have been on the ship and I can tell you that it is designed for maximum quietness. Unless an announcement is switched to sound in your roon you will not hear it.

I don't know if the announcement went into her room, but I know staff people make mistakes in switching PA systems all the ime and often put announcements into rooms that should not go there, and fail to switch in the ones that should go there. All I know is that she said she did not hear the announcements.

Officers did go to her room to raise her. It seems likely that she was not too happy to see the officers demanded that she go to the drill - she was warned and she did reply "I don't want to go" and "My husband is there." (That information came from the cruise line). She may have also said she felt ill - they didn't say, but her travel agent told me that was the situation.

Either way - in my mind the customer is always right, especialy on a lux line like Seabourn. In the spirit of the rule she was fully drilled just eight days prior. This was a repeat of what she had already done - so the entire argument about the "importance of safety drills" etc is really NOT an issue in this case. She knew the drill.

As I have stated, if you go to the Seabourn site they do sell cruises of different lengths starting on the same date. You can book one, two or three segments as a "single cruise" on almost any itinerary at the Seabourn site (check it out). This is the ship they are on...

Cruises to Arabia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and the world on Seabourn, one of the best cruise lines=

Note there are two cruises starting on the same date - different lengths. In their mind they were on a single cruise - they did not change staterooms.

I personally am trying to stay away from conjecture, I don't think it is appropriate to try to read someone's mind or to characterize them with name-calling or other negative impressions when you really know nothing about them (reminds of a certain luxury travel blogger we once had to deal with here).

But if I had to surmise the worst possible scenario for this couple, giving these people no benefit of the doubt, I think it boiled down to a battle of wills where the ship said "you will go" and she said "I'm not going" and so they kicked both of them off the ship.

So Seabourn proved they can have the last word. But somehow that just doesn't warm my heart any.
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