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And no, travel insurance will definitely not cover you if you get thrown off of a ship.

I have to say that I find characterizations of these people as "spoiled, rich, snobby, feeling-entitled, etc." as completely irrelevent to the matter.

To even say such things about them is reverse snobbery. It doesn't matter how they acted even if you disapprove. All that matters is the facts.

And I don't dispute that Seabourn had the right to put them off the ship. I just see it as an over-reaction to a drama that probably plays out on allmost every lifeboat drill held.

I see there is now a Zero Tolerance Policy for lifeboat drills - and I respect that and I want to be clear on that.

But when you have older people who have been cruising for 20 years who pay a large amount of money to go on a ship that sells itself as specializing in personal service, and that line suddenly changes its policy and uses that to treat these people like some kids in a multi-plex who tried to sneak into a second movie - throwing them out the back door and keeping their money - that is not the cruise industry I grew up with.

Show some respect, to the elderly, to your loyal customers, and to your brand name. That's all I have to say now.

Sorry if I have belabored this point - but I personally think it matters for Seabourn. I want them to succeed, and I don't think sweeping this matter under the rug is going to happen or that as it stands it leaves a good impression.
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