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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

So you are using the "yeah, she was raped, but the way she was dressed she was asking for it" defense?

In fact, the husband had no idea he was about to leave - until he came back into the room and saw staffmembers putting his personal belongings into suitcases.
Ahhhh Paul...I always enjoy a spirited discussion either on the web or in person as you can tell from my posts. And I have never had any difficulty following your line of thinking/argument or opinion. I may not always agreed (always agreeing doesn't make for interesting interactions)...but your reasoning is usually logical and clear...but I have to admit this time i'm stumped by the above comment to my post. I re-read my post several times, and don't see the analogy's application. Might have missed it....soooooo how is it like 'she was raped but........?"
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