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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I guess one can try and justify this issue in many diffeent ways. Where was this outrage when the Veenedam passenger was escorted off the ship?? Sorry, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

High end, vs mid level priced ship..elderly vs young....the rules should apply to all, or none.
Linda - I keep saying it but you don't seem to hear me - These people were on 3 back to back cruises and had already been to the drill for their stateroom just 8 days earlier.

That is acompletely different scenario. I have been saying all along I back the policy, just not the way it was handled in this specific case. Sorry, maybe you didn't read the whole thread but your statement doesn't make sense based on everything I have said so far.

Anyway - Seabourn finally came to the same conclusion I did and refunded the balance of their cruise. I could act like a big shot and take some credit for that - but that kind of egotistical horseplay is for other people.
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