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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I would agree that, Fair food, should not make it to a ship. Turkey legs at a Renaissance Faire, okay, but a drummy that large being chomped on by my tablemate, no thanks.

And I so agree that there are some dishes, like that cheese, and, phyllo anything, would be a nice change of pace.

When a plate of petit fours is left in my cabin, I usually find them an "ugh."
These could use an update as well...
I agree that at a dinner table, the turkey legs would be verboten, but maybe frog legs would be another acceptable alternative at least at dinner. 'I do enjoy those little crayfish when I can't get lobsters.

As to the turkey legs these would be for a special occasion like a movie under the stars.They also could be served at sporting event broadcasts. i would think they would be appropriate anytime that cruisers would have time to casually nosh over a couple of hours.
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