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Unhappy Gangsta wannabes in school

Originally Posted by katlady View Post
That's interesting I didn't know the Crips and Bloods had moved on to using sports teams. So in certain parts of the USA that haircut could put him in danger.
It is a constant fight in the local schools to keep up with the gangsta wannabes. First they wore red or blue head rags. That was banned so they carried red or blue bandanas in their pockets. Next for a while they rolled up the right or left pants leg. Eventually the began carrying blue or red ball point pens in their shirt pockets. How can you ban that?

Here in CA, 13 or XIII stands for the Nortenos, and 14 or XIV stands for the Surenos, Hispanic gangs. So jerseys with those numbers on them were banned.

In Merced we have the WSM, West Side Merced gang. Their sign is a W made with the fingers held sideways. One day in class I was talking about 3 of something and held up 3 fingers, and realized that half the class was laughing because they thought I made a gang sign.

It is actually a very serious problem in the schools. It is terribly sad that these 12 and 13 year olds I dealt with had no better alternative in their life than to seek attention from gangs.

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