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Originally Posted by NevilleJ View Post
Which cruise line has the best coffee? Are there any that serve Blue Mountain coffee if one of the ports is in Jamaica? Or perhaps Kona coffee is it's a Hawaiian cruise?

I'm sorry to burst your dreams but the major cruise lines purchase everything, in bulk, from contracted vendors. They will not pick up special coffees in different ports. The smaller, luxury, cruise lines like Seabourn or Silversea may do this but you won't see this happening on Carnival, RCL or NCL.

I personally go for the specialty coffees on most cruises. I really dislike Royal Caribbean's regular coffee but the stuff from the "coffee shop" is OK. Carnival's coffee is drinkable but their coffee shops are quite good.

On NCL they use Folgers, or they did two years ago. At least it was ground coffee and not a syrup.

Yes: I'm Mike and I'm a coffee snob. And yes: I usually pay extra for my coffee.

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