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Default How much money should the first time cruiser take?

This is a compilation of emails in response to the question put forth by Henry43:
"How much money do people normally take for a 2 week cruise ?"
I thought it was great information which would be helpful to the first time cruiser.

Donna started with the comment: "
"I always start with a clean credit card, and depending on if you need cash for tips, figure $100 per day should cover it."

Henry 43 responded: "Are you saying that if I go on a 12 day cruise I should carry $1200 in cash?"

Donna said: "I don't spend nearly that much, with tips pre-paid, some cash that you may not need to bring. Are you big shoppers on the islands? You will need cash for cabs, tips along the way, shopping, gambling. Everyone is different..."

As Donna mentioned, "it really depends on your activities and spending habits. Most of my spending is onboard (drinks/excursions/specialty restaurants) so thats all on a credit card."

Trip added: " $100.00 a day is the general figure, most accepted...It's up to you, how to break it up between your spending cash,and credit card purchases. Anything purchased in ports, including food, can be put on the would be needed for transportation, and tips in port."

Hockey nut wrote: "For cash, I usually take $75 for each day of the cruise + $100 for my 2 travel days. That is used for tips on board (in addition to auto tips), taxis, and anyone else that would get a tip (porters, shuttle drivers, etc...)
I rarely buy anything ashore now and if I do, use a credit card and always end up having extra cash when I get home."

Mike M commented: The $100/day is a general recommendation but one that fits most people. It prepares people for the expenses they may incur.

Some people will spend far less than that and some will spend far more. But yes; If you take $1200 on a 12 day cruise you should be in good shape.

The other thing to remember is that your ship's onboard charges will be charged to your credit card. If you don't plan to spend much on shore or gamble then your per day, cash expenses, will be less.

I am always amazed at how much I spend, in cash, with taxis, tips, restaurants, etc. before I ever set foot on the ship.

I think that these responses from experienced cruisemates are great and they should help the first time cruiser.

My response to the question followed Donna's first comment:" I think a clean credit card with a great credit level is a must but even more important is that you check the expiration date on your credit card. This is obvious right and so is taking an extra set of passport pictures which every good traveler knows will save them a lot of time and money if their passport is lost. The cash question is interesting if you figure $100 a day that amounts to about $700. Now I know everyone knows they should have some legal tender - how much I reommend is about half of the amount in cash and the balance should be in travelers checks. Travelers checks would be my main financial instrument because what I don't spend I can exchange for cash when cruise is over. Also ships are generally pretty good about cashing travelers checks. I don't know if they give cash advances on credit cards without putting on some kind of service charge. Maybe someone knows."

Hope this is helpful.
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