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Very excited, Wife and I just booked a 14 day cruise on Crystal...our first on a luxury cruise line. Have been on most of the mass market line's and we felt that the good out weigh the bad.
It has been a long time since we have been on vacation what with my business taking up most of my free time. I made a promise that I will take a few weeks off and let my cousin run the car service.
I will take the week before...2 weeks during and 1 week after the cruise to recharge. We decided to go all out and book this 14 day cruise as a treat for us.:-D

I have been thinking about selling my company to someone who has been begging to buy it...These 4 weeks off and the two week cruise might push me over the edge and sell the company...not sure yet. I just can't imagine myself not working for the rest of my life...I don't think thats in me, I might feel differently after this long awaited vacation.
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