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If you can't find cruise mate, drop me a PM. I do not work and available to cruise from Nov 2012 through Jan 2014. I usually stick with two segments minimum 10days sailing. Albeit, I can afford to cruise solo, but be nice to have another mate to share cabin expenses, so I use extra money to donate in the casino =D

Fax/SMS/Voice: +1-307-CRUZ-BUD

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Senior lady here who enjoys long cruises. This is B2B combo as shown on Vacationsto as 11N at $1054 and 19N at $1629.Ensenada-Sydney 30 days! Both legs only please. Usually book elsewhere for better pricing/OBC but VTG has great site. Been on many cruises, N/S, enjoy a few cocktails, swim, shopping,hiking. Non partier, N/S females welcome .Solstice is a gorgeous ship with excellent food. Note this is Fall 2013, not 2012. My Email is
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