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Angry Staggered boarding

Originally Posted by KDGodwin View Post

I am undecided myself how to feel about it, however my boarding time will be @ 12:30. If I was the 2:30 boarding I know I would be upset!

What do you think?
Wow -- would I EVER be upset at being told I can't board until 2:30!!

I guarantee you that my Travel Agent would hear about it loud and long, and I know it would get passed on to Princess!!

This policy has SOOOOOO many problems. Do you notice that Priority passengers still have to check in at their assigned time, and only get a special line inside at that time? I can see some Elites blasting off over that.

What about passengers who arrive early, take the Princess transfer from the airport, get off the Princess bus and then are told to go away for four hours?

Are there going to be a thousand people milling about OUTSIDE the terminal instead of in line inside it?

What about the disabled? Is a guy on crutches, or one like me with a cane, going to stand around four hours without a place to sit?

This is NOT going to work. I am sure Princess is going to get totally bashed for this.

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