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Wow Bruce...

That is an interesting post. I don't disagree with your point of view, but it is a pretty raw look at how crewmembers can view passengers - it certainly doesn't make me feel very warm and fuzzy about taking a cruise if that is how I am going to be seen.

But I will share this with you and the world - having also worked aboard cruise ships I do know how many crewmembers (staff, officers, what have you) come to view the passengers after awhile.

Yes, many guests on a cruise do seem brain dead - but they are on a cruise! The ones who don't have much cruise experience don't know what they don't know, and those who DO have the experience feel much like you do about the rest.

It is precisely because I know how passengers become viewed by the staff and sometimes even land-based management that I stand up for the consumers. Do we really want this industry going down the road of treating its guests the way the airlines now treat flyers? It will be the death of the cruise industry. We must maintain a high level of respect for cruise guests no matter what - because that is what makes cruising different from airlines, Disneyland and Las Vegas.

Why would people rate the tender experience as poor on a cruise with no tenders? Because they just don't like tenders in general. Hey, these are guests filling out these forms, not employees. If they don't want to "take a test" and follow the directions at the top tha they are just rating "this cruise" in the survey that is their right. Are you paying them to participate in that survey? No, but one in 3000 might win a tote bag!

The bottom line here is that I am standing up for the rights of cruise passengers to enjoy themselves - and that last place I want the cruise industry to go is towards less tolerance and more regimentation. We just spent ten years reversing that misconception.

I really wonder what impact all this recent publicity about boat drills is doing to the general public perception of cruises. The industry seems to think they are restoring some faith by the public in their ability to provide safety. But my guess is that they are only make cruising sound more dismal and regimented than ever.
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