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Of all the muster drills we've experienced, the best, and most efficient has been on HAL.
HAL conducted the muster drill as something serious. The Staff, crew and officers act serious and so the passengers take it seriously. (at least on the ships we've been on)

On one Alaskan cruise (RCCL) we were on, the Captain decided not to go into Glacier Bay because there were too many floating ice bergs and it was dangerous. He made a clear announcement that for the safety of the ship and passengers we wouldn't be going into this area. We could see in the distance other cruise ships trying to tac safely out the bay...with these visuals in front of us, on OUR ship, many passengers were heard LOUDLY grumbling about the decision! It was for THEIR safety!! Now if he had went ahead and gone into the bay and hit an ice betcha they would have sued because "the captain should have known better"...Gosh you just can't please people!!!

There will always be those that resent regulations, rules, etc. UNTIL something bad happens, then it's find the deepest pockets and sue. These types want absolute freedom from the hinderance of having to be responsible for the consequences of THEIR decisions and actions.

In any profession, that has to deal with the public on a daily basis, I'm sure it can strain your patiences, understanding and tact. I can only imagine what its like to deal with hundreds of new passengers every week or so...hundreds of different wants, likes, dislikes, cultures, and some who have 'Entitlement' attitudes.

I've seen passengers scream at the crew, and the crew member just has to stand there and take it, because it means their job. Nobody in any other job would take that kind of verbal abuse. Actually no one should have too.

My point: On most cruises, passengers are treated royally, with respect and courtesy. Of course there are exceptions, but that is what it is, an exception.
I cannot imagine that the elderly couple aboard Seabourn were treated with any less. Yes, what happened to them was surprising and a wake-up call to others who may think that they can flaunt regulations 'because we can'....I guess Seabourn and HAL are saying, "Guess again".
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