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Which ship is better is based on preference for instance; I don't care for chocolate so chocolate breakfast doesn't mean much to me. I also don't care for Chicago so that wouldn't matter either. If those are the criteria for what makes one ship better than the other, those criteria don't hold a lot of weight.

In the span of 2 years I would hope that any business relaunching a product would be able to improve on the original and over that time, food and show choices may be available that weren't available before.

Remember when not every ship had a huge theatre on the pool deck, that doesn't make or break a cruise because not very many folks are crowding the deck to watch "TV".

There are tons of things to do on these oceanliners and if everyone was interested in the same thing cruises wouldn't sell because the lines and wait times would be too long, everyone would be bottle-necked at one event.

Just my opinion.
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