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Default Re: Re: Is there an iron and board provided in the room?

Far be it from me to contradict your cabin steward, but allow me to quote from both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity's on-board Industry guides:

Royal Caribbean

Q - "Are there irons and boards in the stateroom?"
A - "No, but there is a full laundry service on-board."

Q - "Can I bring my own iron on-board?"
A - "No, for safety reasons irons are not permitted."


Q - "Are there Irons and Boards in the Staterooms?"
A - "No, but there is a full laundry service on board."

Q - "Can I bring my own iron on board?"
A - "No."

You will find similar prohibitions in many cruise line's literature and in all of their Industry Advisory materials.

I think it is a disservice to those new to cruising to casually make light of what can be an extreme safety hazard on board. Leave the iron at home. Get a steamer or spend a couple of bucks and have the stuff pressed by the valet service.

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