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I think the people who have the greatest problems with the airlines are people who hate to fly in the first place. It just seems that small problems become large ones much faster for these people and issues that many frequent fliers roll with, the uncomfortable flier finds intolerable and irritating.

Over the years I flew hundreds of thousands of miles and there were very few "bad flights". Yes, there was turbulence, some late and even canceled flights, a couple of instances of lost luggage, but I rolled with it, worked with the airlines and got it resolved. I never cut my schedule so close that a missed or delayed plane would ruin the business meeting or truly impact the customer. I was more likely to cut it close for personal travel. When I fly I basically put myself into a somewhat hypnotic state or, as I call it, "The Zone". I just kick back bring my shoulders in and basically go to sleep. My wife hates it when I do it because she can't.

After a few years of business travel I was almost always upgraded to First or Business class on Delta, Northwest and American. When traveling for pleasure my wife was usually bumped up with me.

After "retiring" I had about 300,000+ miles banked and used those for flight upgrades and a couple of free flights. That went on for about two years. Then one day my wife and I were sitting in LAX waiting for our flight and she looked at me and said, almost childlike, "Why don't we get to fly First Class anymore?" My response was: "Now we have to pay for it."

First Class is nice but I'm not going to pay $5,000 - $XX,000 for it. I can handle just about any flight and keep the money. I even flew from Chicago to Hong Kong, 747, back of the airplane, middle seat for seventeen hours. I'll admit I had to use "medication" to get me through that one but I'd do it again.

Today I booked a flight on RyanAir from Wroclaw, Poland to Nottingham, England. Our luggage cost as much as the tickets. The total cost was $204 for two people, two 20 Kilo bags, priority boarding and text message notification of flight status. All of those were additional cost but the total was $204. I may have goat in the seat next to me but I think I can handle it.

If I would have booked KLM or SwissAir the cost would have been about $600/pp. To save $1000, for a two hour flight, I'll stand if I have to. Heck, that $1000 is enough for a nice seven day balcony cabin cruise for one person.

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