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Most of my flying has been between Boston and Florida. I remember the days back in the 80's when the planes were wide bodies on this route. No more. The average fare was about $198.00 rt, the norm for this snowbird route. Searching for air for the Epic cruise in March, found some air, over $1000.00. I realize it's high season, plus spring break, but c'mon, I'm not flying cross country!

Last May, as the guest of Carnival, I flew business class, for the first time,and actually had a bed! The service was wonderful as well, but I believe the cost of this was close to $3500.00. Was it fabulous, yes, will I ever be able to do it on my

On my way back from the hospital in St Thomas, hubby & the nurse were in 1st class,and I was in coach, watching lots of families coming onboard, not all sitting together. Lots of scrambling went on of trying to change seats. Add the new charge in the mix,and thwere will be lots of upset parents.

I think, the nickel and diming to death of the traveling pubic, is a disgrace.

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