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Default Re: Re: Is there an iron and board provided in the room?

Here's hoping that you "iron civil libertarians" pack nice HEAVY irons. That way you'll probably

1) exceed the new lower checked baggage weight restrictions, forcing you to pay $50 to get your iron to the ship

2) cause your bag to be flagged by the new security machines because of "dense materials," forcing you back to the counter to have it searched.

Of course there are rules against irons, as well there should be. If the lines were smart, they'd restrict the amperage available at the wall plugs in the cabins so that anything more than a razor or a laptop would kick out a breaker which would have to be reset by an engineer. If they'd hardware all the lighting and the blowdryers into another circuit, they could actually pull this off.

To argue that irons are no worse than smoking is to argue that two wrongs make a right. That's specious. Half the passengers on any given cruise don't know what day it is, what cabin they're in, which end of the ship is the bow, or how to find the dining room. I'm going to trust them to unplug their irons? I don't think so.

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