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Originally Posted by Ellai View Post
With 4 children and two adults, I am confused as to which Disney world holiday option offers better value for money; fly drive villa rental or package holiday staying in a Disney hotel.

I'd appreciate opinions from people who've either both option from the UK.

Just like with cruising, contacting a good travel agent will be your best bet. You can also contact Walt Disney Travel Company UK and speak with them.

UK visitors get access to a slightly better ticket option as well, with the maximum number of days going up to 14, compared to the traditional Magic Your Way ticket that maxes out at 10 days.

I work at one of the hotels, and I do see the vast majority of our UK guests staying for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, visiting all the Disney parks, as well as venturing out to Universal and Seaworld. Most it seems go via WDTCUK, Virgin Holidays, and I occasionally see Thompson I think it is.

And as great as this board is, for a Disney land based vacation, there are numerous boards more dedicated to that as well. DisBoards is one that comes to mind, but a quick Google will find others for you as well.

Buddy of mine is a US based travel agent specializing in Disney ... next time I see him on FB, I'll ask him if he knows the best route for UK visitors.

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