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Red face First time cruise and need advice/help

Hi all, I have a few questions and would love any input to help.

Im trying to plan our first cruise which in itself is hard since my husband is military and his training and deployment schedule are never set in stone. So first question... How far in advance do you NEED to book your cruise?

Secondly we have 2 kids, by the time we go on this cruise they will be around 5 years old and 3 years old. I have read that the cruises have babysitters and tons of activities for the kids, BUT say we wanted to do a shore excursion and it wasnt exactly 3 yr old friendly... Can the kids stay on the ship with the babysitters or in the little camp/clubs they have on the ship? We absolutly want our kids to go with us, but we also would like some 'us' time to do stuff together that we would normally not be able to. Like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, etc.,...

Has anyone been on a Disney cruise? Is it worth the money? I figure it would be since we have 2 kids not to mention we love Disney just as much as them.

When it comes to picking out your cabin, what is your suggestion for a first time cruiser? I want to make the absolute best of this trip, I LOVE taking pictures so im leaning more towards a cabin with a nice view or possibly even a vernadah (sp?). But its more expensive.

How much money should you expect to spend on ship? And why can I not find a price list ( even estimate) for how much the shore excursions are?

Thank you all so much for any advice, tips, help. I greatly appreciate it!
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