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Default 37y/170lb/5'9" man seeking adventurous single lady

I am divorced 2 years and have been on 4 cruises since. My schedule tends to be fairly open as I do not have children or pets and I do not have to punch a time clock (I'm not wealthy, I just live within my means).

Finding anyone near my age with both time and (some) money has been nearly impossible but I am optimistic about this message board.

I like going on hosted singles cruises but the sailings are limited and so I just did the NCL Jewel through the Panama Canal from NY to LA completely solo.

I like to eat dinner just before the late theater show (which I almost always attend). I also like to check out the art auctions. I generally will not pre-book shore excursions because you can get better deals at the docks. I have done a lot of that stuff and so I tend to prefer to kick around town. I don't smoke or do any drugs. I like alcohol in all of its fabulous forms from micro brew beers to red wine to scotch. I am not bi-lingual in Spanish but I have a bit more vocabulary than "restaurant Spanish". I am rather enthusiastic about staying fit and want to find someone that will help keep me on track to hit the gym and / or jogging track every day.

Of course, I am interested in meeting as many other singles as possible so please say "hi!" even if you are likely not my perfect partner-in-crime.:-D
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