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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
As I relaxed in the Atrium of the Allure of the Seas I noticed the Starbucks outlet providing signature made-to-order espresso beverages and FrappuccinoŽ blended beverages. I thought wouldn't it be neat to have more of these fast food outlets on cruise ships. I know that there is already a Johnny Rocket outlet on the Allure, but I was thinking what if
cruisers could have Subway's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Smokehouse BBQ Chicken,Veggie delight or Red Robin gourmet hamburgers, towering onion rings, clucks and fries or Quizno's prime rib philly, peppercorn prime rib. These are only some of the fast food outlets that came to mind. I personally like Arby's roast beef with horsey sauce sandwhiches and would be willing to pay extra for them as a change of menu. I could also see ethnic foods being offered. Greek foods like souvlaki, roast lamb shiskaba, gyros, soups, greek salad, baklava, mousaka, etc.
This would be a great way to increase the variety of foods offered on ships.
Arby's.......Its good mood food....5 roast beef sandwiches for $5.00 bucks....enough said...I think that roast beef ran in the second race at Pocono Horsey sauce with horsey roast beef.
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