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Cruising has become so common place, so easy, we tend to forget it still has certain dangers.

You're out at sea...on a ship...IF the ship catches fire, you can't just call 911 and a fire truck come quickly to your rescue...IF you have a heart attack or any other serious illness your life literally may depend on the medicines that HAVE in the infirmary, and the skill of that one doctor and nurse.

What would be a slight inconvenience on land can become deadly serious at sea...(e.g. a small kitchen sea, any fire!)

So, no safety drill, muster drill should be taken nonchalantly.

And NO passenger/passengers can be allowed to challenge the authority of the Captain...doesn't matter if its regarding a land tour or muster drill. How could the Captain be expected to maintain order within the crew/staff and passengers? The staff and crew do the muster drill every single time! What if one of the crew decided...'hey...I just went through this stupid drill...I don't feel good, I'm not going to do it'. That crew/staff member would immediately be put off the ship. No question he knows the drill, but he cannot challenge the Captains authority...ever! That kind of precedent cannot be allowed.

The Captain IS the authority on board a ship...he is 'personally' held responsible for each passengers safety...and even if YOU don't feel that way, he feels that way and if nothing else he is morally responsible.

In view of the above...can we reasonably expect that there be alterations to rules, regulations that are put in place for a specific reason and affect thousands to be changed ad hoc for one couple or a few 'cage rattlers'? Or an exception be made because it is brought to the Captains attention that some are being inconvenienced?

(Our friends who are ex-pax's and live in Mexico...they commented that they've been rear-ended in their car several times because in that city 'STOP' signs are not viewed as laws but as just 'suggestions'. Is this what we want...laws that are just 'suggestions' when they inconvenience us?)
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