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Default Poor people

Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
I just watched a program byJohn Stossel (not a right winger but rather a Libertarian). I learned the following:

44 % of Americans are classidied as "poor" because they make less than 22,000 dollars per year. A low sum, especially if you have children. Many of those receiving Public Assistance, however, if not more, own an automobile.

However, that sum does not include government assistance in the form of food stamps, cell phones, air conditioning, cable TV, etc.

There again, there are executives who live in enormouse homes with every conceivable amenity.

My question: What to you constittues poverty to the tune that whom do you consider should receive governmental (taxpayer) assistance, etc. and if so, what form of assistance that is not currently provided?

Todd :

I worked for the NYC Department of Social Services and for the NYS Department of Labor and came across on an every day basis poor people . I also saw poverty first hand in your part of the world during my days with CORE .
The first thing I would do would be to bring home all the US troops from everywhere EXCEPT the US .Secondly I would close all the US military bases everywhere EXCEPT the US and use all that money to feel the hungry in this country .

I would hire people to revise the Food Stamp program because it is being abused so badly .I would hire people to revise Medicaid because of its abuses .
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