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We toured the QM with the kids many years ago. The Spruce Goose has indeed been moved.

The only sisterhood that the QM could claim with Titanic would be that they were both ships. QM was Cunard and Titanic was White Star. Titanic's sister was Olympic, if memory serves.

My friend George, now 94, was a Naval aide to FDR, and was asked to go to Europe before D-Day to write a firsthand history. He sailed on the QM, which of course had been refitted as a troop ship. As a Navy officer, he had to have a duty assignment while onboard, and he was posted on the bridge as a submarine lookout.

Many years later George was visiting Long Beach and went back with his family to see the old girl. Once onboard he made a beeline to his old duty station on the bridge. While there he got chatting with a man of roughly his age. The other guy asked George if he'd ever sailed on her, and George rattled off the exact date. The other guy, of course, had been on the same crossing. They looked each other in the eye, shook hands, and parted.

The stories you hear. . .
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