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Long ago when I was growing up, my father worked in a steel mill in Pennsylvania. My parents owned no stock nor had any savings in a bank.
We lived in a rented home and had one car on which we made payments each month and which usually fell apart about the time it was finally paid for. For entertainment at home, we had an AM radio and a scratchy phonograph. We had a coal stove in the kichen for heat and a couple of gas space heaters. My schools had no cafeteria , and my lunch was supplied from home. We had a family doctor who did everything the specialists now do and we had no medical insurance of any kind. There were no cell phones (Dick Tracy had a wrist radio), no computers, no internet, no supermarkets, no IPADS and no TV. I did have a used bicycle. We poor kids had to stay healthy and thin and play outside.

We thought that we were middle class and didn't know that we were poor. We were happy to have our families and plenty to eat. These were the good old days.
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