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Originally Posted by Donna have yet to eat at any of the Johnny Rockets onboard a ship, we have them in our local malls. When I cruise, I enjoy eating at places I can't at home and trying new and different meals...[/COLOR
My husband and I feel the same way. The specialty restaurants are a favorite of ours. They offer a type of service and a variety of specialty foods, wines, etc...we just couldn't afford at home. Too expensive. But on board ship, we experience luxury we can afford.

It might be different if you couldn't get your 'franchise' type food already on board ship. Cruise lines now offer, hamburgers, french fries, milkshakes, pizza, beer, hot dogs, etc. And on most ships, these are available 24 hrs. If I need a 'franchise' fix of one of the above...which is rare....I can wait until we're in port.

Most of the ships we've been on, have a kiosk near the pools, where they offer, 'Spa' type meals or snacks. For e.g. Salads, fresh juice, fruit, specialty breads and muffins, etc. It's fast food of the healthy type.
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