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Default more gripes about airlines...

First of all, I think that it would be great if airfare was by the pound... For the individual and the luggage and the carry on.

gripe #1- I recently had an aisle seat at the rear of the plane. About an hour into the flight, I wanted to stand up and scream "Could you all please try to NOT rub you A$$ across my body on your way to / from the lavatory?!?"

Now, I am a very easy going guy but when there is a line for the restroom and the aisle is narrow and the people leaving the restroom have to squeeze by everyone in that line, it gets sort of gross and uncomfortable to say the least.

To remedy this, I will generally grab the first middle seat (if not assigned) where I can sit next to 2 average sized people. Yes, I might get an aisle or window seat further back in the plane but getting a window seat is just not that important to me.

Gripe #2- When the airline charges for a 2nd piece of checked luggage but then upon boarding, they offer to check the larger carry ons for free because there is no space in the overhead compartments because everyone finds a way to have the maximum size carryon because of the fee for the piece of second checked luggage. How is that for a run on sentence? So it is like a circular reference and they end up checking it for free anyways after I had gone ahead and lugged the thing through security. Once again, simply charging by the pound for everything simplifies the issue then you can check it or not and it would not matter.

In any event, after is all said and done, I can smile and think about how I am headed for a cruise ship and the folks around me probably are not.

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