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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
I have won more money playing slot machines on cruise ships than I have in Atlantic City ,Las Vegas ,Mt.Airy (PA) ,Yonkers ,Reno ,Carson City ,Aruba and every other casino I've been to .

On my last cruise I found a machine that I won several hundred dollars on .I played the identical machine last week in a casino and lost a lot.
Like I said...their are people who may win...But I know that unless you hit a mega jackpot...99.9 % of the people over the long haulare losers at the slots...Casinos either at sea and or on land was built by people losing money...the house will most always beat you in the long run that is a fact.

Sure anyone can walk into a slot joint on land or sea put in 3,4 or 5 quarters and hit the jackpot...But most don't...Here is a know fact:

You are more like to get hit by lightining 7 TIMES IN YOUR LIFETIME...then win one mega jackpot on a slot...huge odds against you.
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