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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
I play for fun ,not to win mega prizes .I play penny machines .
And believe it or not the penny machines will cost you more in the long run then playing quarter machines. The payb back in penny machines can be as low as 51%...meaning the casino will keep on average a wopping 49 cents for every dollar put in. And think about this to max out most quarter machines you need only play 3 quarters, to max out most penny machines you need to put in approx 250 pennies...and the reutrn is less then the 3 quarter machines.
The worst machines to play in a casino are the penny slots, with the lowest return they will little by little bankrupt you. Unless of course you just like to sit and put in 10 or 20 pennies at a time..which would'nt even activate the jackpot..on most penny machines you need to play the max..

ONE MORE NOTE...NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE should play a progressive slot machine unless they put in the max amount...why ? because all you are doing is feeding the jackpot amount with no chance of winning it.
I one watch a lady sit at a penny machine and scream up and down when she hit 500 pennies...someone told her it was $5.00 and not $500...all she said was HUH....some people are clueless.

Unless you are like Henry who just sits there and spends some time dumping 10 or 20 pennies at a time for some entertainment my advice is to stay far away from penny slots.
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