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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
Money cannot buy happiness . I never had the need to earn a lot of money .As I said with one exception I only worked for non-profit organizations .As long as I had enough to take care of my family that was all that was important .
And that is all well and good and very honorable.
However for everyone else I would suggest to stay away from penny slots...

As for money cant buy happiness...somewhat clique...if you like to sit home and not do anything but work, eat, sleep...then thats fine..but if you like to go on vacation like cruises...or go out to eat, movies or anything entertaining, then you will need to earn more then just enough for your family.
While its true money cant buy health or inner happiness it sure helps with everything else. I dont think IMHO most people think that way "Just wanting enough for their family, at least I am not affraid to admit it...I have my health, my wife has her health, the money I have been earning over the years will help me to live a nice retirement...presently 53 years old and thank the lord I wont need to rely on Social Security...just the earnings I made over the years...I just booked a cruise on Crystal for my wife and I....Cruising, retirement, not worrying about money and having health...that seems to be a very happy thought to me.

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