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Originally Posted by ccharlie View Post
Ok, so I just got back from this cruise with my best friends a few days ago. We had a blast, definitely one of the best vacations (if not the best) that I have been on. On the last night, something interesting happened. I met a girl at like 11 PM the last night who seemed really cool and she was beautiful. She was with her mother and grandmother who were actually at the club lol She stayed with me and my friends after her family left. We talked and danced and stuff and she hung out with me and my friends. Then I told her that I was going out on the pool deck for a while and asked her to join, and she did. We sat out there for a while and talked, and we ended up hooking up. Before I walked her to her room, we both agreed that we would keep in contact and she wrote down her info. Itís been a few days and I was joking at first with my friends about liking her and stuff, but I actually believe I had a love at first sight moment. Everything happened so fast and it was just crazy. I find myself still thinking about her a few days after getting back, and we last spoke yesterday. We talked for about two hours or so. As hard as it is to believe, I really like this girl and canít stop thinking about her. The only problem is that Iím not sure when or how often to text her because we live 12 hours away and even though we spent the last night together I donít know if it was just a spur of the moment type thing or if she actually thinks about me too. Any info or tips on how and what to say to her? And how often I should talk to her? I mean there had to be some interest if she spent her last night away from her family with me right? I need help!
Stay in touch with her and you will soon find out if she is thinking about you the way you are thinking about her. If she is.....good, if she isn't .... just move on.
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