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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
I believe I said I don't like cold weather vacations, but seeing as I've been to Alaska twice that would prove your theory wrong. I know exactly what I'm missing.

Maybe it's that I live in Beautiful BC and am surrounded by Glaciers and Mountains that I don't need to do that on vacation. I'm a 90 minute drive from Whistler, I can take helicopters, dog sledding, see bears and their cubs along the side of the road.
Your statement is like a Irish man living in Ireland saying "Why are you coming here to Ireland, nothing special about it"...Totally irrevelant and ridiculous.
And trackypup why would you think this is directed to you in the first play ? Just because their are people who dont like cold weather does'nt mean they should not go...except you of course....BTW why would you travel to the Carribean ? Im sure their are many people who live their would say "I live right here why would I travel to an Island"
P.S. I too have bear, Bob cat, Wild Turkey, Eagle's, Bunnies, Groundhogs, Deer, passing by my property...I just have to look out my window. My house is built on 2 1/2 acres in the woods on top of a mountain...Ya think I see nature at its best?

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