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No, you called the reason "ridiculous and irrelevant". That is what YOU said. That might be your opinion, but that's all it is. That doesn't make you right or qualified to toss out a value judgement with the termonology your chose.

Fact is the majority of people have limited vacation time. And many chose to use that time to visit warmer climates, and have no interest in visiting Alaska. It certainly does not make them wrong.

Alaska is a beautiful state, and well worth a visit. I've been several times, but I personally wouldn't rush back, as there's many places which I'm sure are beautiful and interesting that I haven't yet had the opportunity to visit.

Just as I no longer rush back to the Caribbean. Have sailed through most of the islands many times now, so I look for some more interesting itineraries.

BTW.. if you looked at Trackypup's "location" on his posts. He's from Vancouver, BC... that's British Columbia, Canada. That is in fact south western Canada.

And as "Tracky" stated, a beautiful province, and within that province, in close proximity to Vancouver, a very similalr topography to Alaska, with mountains, glaciers, lakes, etc. You should really try and visit some time.
If you want to keep this going i'm willing to also...
OK lets take this sloooow....
I stated the comment was ridiculous and irrelevant MEANING this : I stated people should'nt not go to Alaska because they dislike the cold...Then Trackypup on her own all by herself responded and said that why would she go to Alaska to see glaciers and mountains and dog sleds when she lives so close...I then stated thats an irrevelant was ment in general to PEOPLE WHO DISLIKE THE COLD SHOULD'NT COUNT OUT ALASKA, her statement was like a person living in Jamaica saying I dont want to go to Dunn river falls because I live so close...that is all I ment...why its being turned into this big hoopla I have yet to figure out..

Your second paragraph : Who cares if some people have limited vacation time...this is ment to people who have the time..OF COURSE people who dont have the time wouldnt visit...Right.

And please KukiI have been to Vancouver B.C. more time then most people so your assumption if me not ever visiting is again see I was stationed in Ft Lewis Washington for some time...and I always drove up Vancouver B.C.

As far as geography goes..Maybe for some reason your not getting it, But I will repeat again for the 3rd time here goes lets take this slow:
I was making reference to Vancouver being North East as COMPARED TO THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES NOT ALASKA....hope that spells it out for you..MOST PEOPLE WHEN THEY THINK OF Seattle they say Pacific North West...Thats the same term I use for Vancouver NORTH WEST.. simplify any more then that.