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Talking Hoopla?

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post

If you want to keep this going i'm willing to also...
OK lets take this sloooow....
I stated the comment was ridiculous and irrelevant MEANING this : I stated people should'nt not go to Alaska because they dislike the cold...Then Trackypup on her own all by herself responded and said that why would she go to Alaska to see glaciers and mountains and dog sleds when she lives so close...I then stated thats an irrevelant statement....

And please KukiI have been to Vancouver B.C. more time then most people so your assumption if me not ever visiting is again see I was stationed in Ft Lewis Washington for some time...and I always drove up Vancouver B.C.

As far as geography goes..Maybe for some reason your not getting it, But I will repeat again for the 3rd time here goes lets take this slow:
I was making reference to Vancouver being North East as COMPARED TO THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES NOT ALASKA....hope that spells it out for you..MOST PEOPLE WHEN THEY THINK OF Seattle they say Pacific North West...Thats the same term I use for Vancouver NORTH WEST.. simplify any more then that.
If you want to keep this going I'm willing also ....

Ok let's take this slooooow ....

Offering a counter example to a comment is probably acceptable discussion.

Calling that comment irrelevant becomes questionable.

Calling another poster's remarks ridiculous accomplishes nothing and is not in the spirit of these boards, IMAO.

And evidentally you completely missed the entire point of the remark about Vancouver being in the Southwest! I think that it was, in fact, intended to point out that you, and many other posters on this board, including me, tend to have a US-centric point of view. Our member in Vancouver was gently chiding us for that viewpoint and letting us remember that there are other ways of looking at things.

She was not (I believe) trying to point out geographic ignorance, she was simply pointing out a common geographic bias. I think she did it gently and subtly -- obviously she was too subtle for you.

And, basically, the one turning it into "this big hoopla" is you. Nobody attacked you. Relax. Order a pina colada.

[Edit: For some reason, the automatic quote program attributed this quote to Kuki. I had to go in and manually change it to refer it to buttons. Some people may not know how to do that, so the program should probably be checked.]

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