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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
GEEZ you take the cake trackypup...What the heck is the difference between "people who dont like cold weather vacations dont know what they are missing" and "people who dont like the cold should consider Alaska" You tell me what the significant difference is....That is as nit picky as anyone could ever be...BOTH STATEMENTS mean the same. AND I never said YOU AS IN YOU TRACKYPUP....NEVER SAID YOU...IT WAS A GENERAL STATEMENT TO ALLif if you dont like that explanation then I am sorry, you will have to live with it. But I am glad you finally got the point or meaning of North West and how i ment it....either that or you just plain forgot that part...and if you need to bring up the point again about NORTH West as viewed by most people living in the USA I will be happy to defend that point again...ROUND 3 OVER...awaiting round 4...this could go the distance of a 12 rounder...bell cannot save the opponet. 3 knockdowns are in effect, along with 3 standing 8 counts.
Wow - you really need help. I really find you one of the nastiest posters I've ever come across. I've noticed this in a few of your posts on various subjects on how you confront people. I think you need to get your anger under control and actually learn to speak to people properly and hold a respectful conversation. You seem to be lacking in a lot of social graces when it comes to holding a conversation. Post what you like, I'm done. I refuse to be brought down to your level.

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