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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Wow - you really need help. I really find you one of the nastiest posters I've ever come across. I've noticed this in a few of your posts on various subjects on how you confront people. I think you need to get your anger under control and actually learn to speak to people properly and hold a respectful conversation. You seem to be lacking in a lot of social graces when it comes to holding a conversation. Post what you like, I'm done. I refuse to be brought down to your level.
1- I never curse nor do I ever lift my hands to anyone...I really dont have anger issues, what I do however is voice how I feel, I am not affraid to do so. I am pretty sure that you saw that this was going to keep going on so you took a very politically right way to stop the conversation.

2- I responded to your post whch first was a statement saying my theory was wrong just because you happen to live near Alaska...I made that point a few times

3- You told me I need a geography lesson, even though I made it clear to you and everyone else that I was referring to how most people in the USA viewed where Vancouver was...most people in the USA dont say its south of Alaska...most people in the USA say its in the North West. I made that clear to you and everone else a number of times.

If your done or not its ok by for the comment "Brought down to my level" actually I was bringing myself down to your I said before, I say what I feel but I am not violent nor do I curse. So you statement of "Get my anger under control" I must admit is WRONG.