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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Remember the old days when cheap things were "made in Japan" when we were kids and you could actually see they used old beer cans because the printing was visible on the other side of the metal that shown on the outside?

That's what this ship reminds of - China, the new "Made in Japan."
Japan in fact has gotten much better then years past as you have stated...As far as cars go, I always owned a Japanese car and they were always very reliable.

As far as China goes.. you can't escape the fact that sooner or later you will buy something that is made in china...

Also when buying seafood, be very careful that you dont buy any seafood from Asian waters... if you ever saw a video like I have watching them catch crabs off of the waters in Indonisa you would never eat crab again...Crab cakes are a big no no...Most crab cake packages state "Maryland style" That does not mean they are from the package carefully...just about all crab cakes have crab in them from Asia..

If you like shrimp I shop at a supermarket in PA that sells shrimp caught off the florida waters...
Never eat seafood raised in farms...they are loaded with antibiotics and are not very healthy..Lots of stores sell farm raised Salmon, those are garbage you have to get "wild caught"
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