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Default Goodbye to Don Sherman

Goodbye to Don Sherman
by Paul Motter

Remembering the infamous cruise ship comedian and his legacy of exceptional entertainment.


I was privileged to be aboard the Disney Fantasy docked in the Manhattan harbor in New York City last April when they brought aboard Jerry Seinfeld for part of the christening ceremony. I was in the front row watching today's world king of comedy and I can see his made-up eyebrows which had gotten ruffled, and he says, "I can't believe it, I'm on a cruise ship, right here in New York City – I'm on a cruise ship. I've seen the end of my career and it's …not …that bad. In fact, it looks pretty good."

Yes, timing is everything in comedy, which only shows that comedy is comedy, whether it is on a cruise ship or anywhere. Seinfeld made a joke about cruise ship comics, but I am here to tell you there have been very few truly great comedians who have made working on cruise ships a full-time occupation, but Don Sherman was one of those greats.

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Did you have the privilege of seeing Don Sherman perform? Share your memories below.
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